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Pet calendar with adorable cat and birch wood base
Wooden Stand Calendar with Simple Design
A calendar with the month and year of Hutchins on the countertop.
Practical and durable birch wood base table supports 13-sheet calendars

Wooden Stand Calendar

Calendars not only serve as useful tools for recording time but also a great platform for reconnecting with others people towards the end of the year. Wooden Stand Calendars using quality wooden stand as their base that  a touch of quality and uniqueness.

Compared to traditional desk calendars, wooden stand calendars are more akin to gift-worthy which suitable for gifting or promotional. With various designs and layout options, creating commercially appealing calendars becomes simple and convenient.

Product Information

e-print's Wooden Stand Calendars are using birch wood, ensuring durability and quality. The natural wood grain adds uniqueness to each calendar. We also offer a little quantity selection to provide more flexibility for different needs. The wooden stand is designed to match the width of the calendar pages that making it more stable for various settings such as office desks, restaurants, or homes, allowing your designed calendar to have wider applications.

You can use one of the pages as a promotional item or postcard, expanding the functionality of the calendar beyond a single purpose. e-print also provides calendar design templates to facilitate a faster and more convenient design .

Lead Time:At least 7 working day

Wooden Stand Calendar

  Wooden Stand Calendar
Page 8 Sheet (2PP)
Cover + Inside pages Material 250g Double-sided Coated Art Paper
Color: 4C+4C
Size of Material : A5: 210(W) x 148.5(H) mm
Wooden Stand size: 210mm(W) x 30mm(D) x 20mm(H)
Material of Wooden Stand : Birch
Finishing item of Stand: Unable 
Method of Binding:  Change paper
Package: Individually packed with plastic bag 

Price List

QTY Price 
  Double-Sided Coated Art Paper (250g)
10 pcs $470
50 pcs $1,630
100 pcs $1,920
200 pcs $3,280
300 pcs $4,680
400 pcs $5,740
500 pcs $6,840
600 pcs $7,880
700 pcs $8,920
800 pcs $10,110
900 pcs $11,230
1,000 pcs $12,340

Available processing

Foil Stamping
Foil Stamping
Perforation / Creasing
Perforation / Creasing
Round Cornering
Round Cornering

Available paper

Double-Sided Coated Art Paper
Double-Sided Coated Art Paper
( 250g )

Note for Wooden Stand Calendar

- The Wooden Stand Calendar are using 250g Double-sided Coated Art Paper
- Wooden Stand Calendar will be packed indiividually with plastic bag and wooden stand. Wooden stand size is 210mm(W) x 30mm(D) x 20mm(H)
- For any quantity which do not list above, please seek for quotation
- For any Finishing Items, please seek for quotation
- Wooden Stand Calendar can ONLY be applied to the standard sizes as mentioned above; all standard die-cutters can be downloaded at “Download” in the company website
- Please visit our branches for more product information

Lead Time

7 working days
Collecting from branches +1 working day