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Laser Die Cut

Product Information

Compare with traditional die cut, laser die dut eliminates the need for producing Die cutting mold and allows for precise cutting. Whether for small or large quantities, laser die cut offers personalized services. Laser die cut utilizes the technology of laser light to remove excess material and cut the desired shapes.

e-print laser die cut can be applied to various printed product which including cards, leaflet, booklet, and as well as offset or digital prints. We employ high-quality techniques to meet the unique requirements of our clients. By adding a vector graphic of the cutting die to the artwork, we can create customized printing with precision.

Price List

Items Price Remarks
Die cutting Mold Fee Unable  -
Product Price Remarks
Offset & Digital Printing Card  $250 /1,000 pcs +200 / 1,000pcs, after first 1,000pcs
A4 Size $350 /1,000 pcs +200 / 1,000pcs, after first 1,000pcs
A3 Size $450 /1,000 pcs +200 / 1,000pcs, after first 1,000pcs
Available Product
Business Card Category Fancy Greeting Card Leaflet Postcard Booklet (Only Cover) Promotion Fans Calendar Category

Note for Laser Die Cut

1. Please provide a layer for Laser Die Cut in your artwork.
2. Do not add blends or special effects in the Laser die-cut layer.
3. For texts or Logos to be Laser Die Cut, please highlight and do not leave blank.
4. Die-cutting mold will not be returned to customers.
5. Artwork of Laser Die Cut should be in 100% solid color, tints are not accepted for production uses.
6. Please DO NOT add screen lines on the laser die-cut artwork
7. Please reserve at least a 2mm gap between the pattern on laser die-cut artwork and the pattern lines should be at least 2mm
8. Complex lines or excessive intricate details, we recommend using 350g Double-Sided Coated Art Paper.
    Any specific requirements, you can provide your designs to our customer service staff for printing inquiries and quotations.

Lead Time

+2 working days
* Collecting from branches +1 working day