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Digital Printing Services

Digital Business Card / Fancy Card
Digital Business Card / Fancy Card
Digital Business Card / Fancy Card
Digital Business Card / Fancy Card

Digital Business Card / Fancy Card

Either a luxury business card or personal name card, e-print provides over 20 kinds of digital fancy cards and white cards for selection.
Order right now to print your unique name cards!

Product Information

Digital Business Card / Fancy Card a beautifully crafted product with a unique surface design featuring various patterned motifs that add liveliness and interest to the card. It has 20 kinds of artistic paper with high-quality texture and intricate patterns that make it a popular choice for business cards. Not only does it have aesthetic appeal, but it also helps to enhance the user's image and brand identity.

The card design is perfect for a variety of occasions, such as business meetings, professional networking, and exhibitions. The eye-catching patterns elevate the user's image and brand identity.

Lead Time:At least 24 hours lead time

Price list

Type Name Weight 100pcs 200pcs 300pcs 500pcs 1,000pcs
DP-19 The Digital 260g $58 $98 $138 $218 $418
 The Digital  The Digital Features:
Brighter than traditional printed woodfree card.Suit for colour mania!
Applicable to all design
DP-20 Eco Paper - Greyout of stock 216g $68 $118 $168 $268 $518
DP-22 Exquisite out of stock 216g $68 $118 $168 $268 $518
DP-06 Aurora Pearl 250g $78 $128 $178 $278 $528
DP-07 Snow Pearl 250g $78 $128 $178 $278 $528
DP-23 Mingle - Off-White 192g $78 $128 $178 $278 $528
DP-24 Mingle -Beigeout of stock 192g $78 $128 $178 $278 $528
DP-25 Mingle -Whiteout of stock 192g $78 $128 $178 $278 $528
DP-26 Japanese Paper - Off-White 198g $78 $128 $178 $278 $528
DP-27 Japanese Paper - Beige 198g $78 $128 $178 $278 $528
DP-28 Earth Tone - Beige 209g $78 $128 $178 $278 $528
DP-29 Earth Tone - Off-White 209g $78 $128 $178 $278 $528
DP-30 Earth Tone - Pale Brown 209g $78 $128 $178 $278 $528
DP-36 Stripe Textured news 216g $78 $128 $178 $278 $528
DP-31 Starry - White 209g $88 $138 $188 $288 $538
DP-32 Starry - Off-White 209g $88 $138 $188 $288 $538
DP-45 Refined Patternout of stock 200g $58 $98 $138 $218 $418
DP-46 Ice White Paper news 320g $88 $138 $188 $288 $538
DP-48 Interesting Grained Paper news 350g $88 $138 $188 $288 $538
DP-49 White Card news 400g $88 $138 $188 $288 $538
DP-50 Smooth Spot Pattern news 260g $78 $128 $178 $278 $528

Available processing

Perforation / Creasing
Perforation / Creasing
Hole Drilling
Hole Drilling
Round Cornering
Round Cornering

Note for Fancy Card

1.Prices above are calculated with standard size (90 x 54mm), please indicate when ordering for non-standard size.
2.Fancy card may occur a variance of ±5% on its weight.
3.For every package of 100 pcs business card, its quantity may occur a variance of ±5% (Please note that under no circumstance
   should refund or reimbursement be accepted in terms of such issue).
4.The back side of the following cards is much smooth, please specific the front/back side of artwork when order: DP-31、32 Starry
   (White and Off-White),DP-35 Snowball and DP-36 Stripe Textured.
5.The printing on the stripe grain paper (DP-36 Stripe Textured) horizontally or vertically without a specific
6.Delivery fee of business cards starts at HK$17.

Lead Time

1 working day
(Except for items with finishing, start from the date when customers confirm the proof)

Tips in Production

1.The pictures on website are for reference only, please refer the colour and effect to the paper sample.
2.Different kind of fancy cards present different printing effect and colour base on the texture or grain of the paper, please read the
   characteristics and find reference of the paper sample for details.
3.The printed color is affected on the paper nature with deep color or grain. Portrait and image printing are not recommended on
   these kinds of paper.
4.It is suggest the fonts size not be less than 5 Pt., lines not be thinner than 0.3 Pt.
5.Finishing Items such as foil stamping, embossing and die-cutting are not recommended on name card with fancy paper, please
   consider use of finishing items on the fancy paper sized A6 or above.
6.For more details of artwork, please refer to the note of “Artwork Specifications”.

Applicable Finishing Items: Corner, Hole Drilling and Creasing


In addition to online paper previews, we offer physical paper samples. You are welcome to visit our branch and request them.
Both Matt Laminated Card and Spot UV Card are commonly used in the market, most of them are printed with an offset printing machine. Spot UV Cards are printed with a UV coating on a specific position to stand out. For Matt Laminated Card, it is protected by a basic waterproof matt coating, matt laminated cards are durable than other business cards.
The standard size of the business cards is 90x54mm.
The minimum and maximum sizes are 40x40mm and 210x297mm.
To avoid cropping the information, please reserve a 3mm bleeding on each side.
Yes, please provide the file to our customer service team for further quotation.
To avoid misprinting, please arrange the front and back printing file in the same direction. (For example, when the front is in horizontal and the back is vertical, please arrange both side in the same direction)
The commonly used finishings of business cards include hot stamping, spot UV, round cornering, perforation and embossing.
We do not recommend to provide the file with scan images because the colors will appear uneven.
e-print does not provide design and artwork production services.

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