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Pre-ink Stamps

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  • Pre-ink Stamps

e-print's Pre-ink stamp making services help you to design your company chop with best quality! With different styles and colour options, e-print is absolutely the first choice for you.

  • Price List (updated:15-05-2017)
Sample Model Size Price
Pre-ink Stamps Template C1 C1 15mm $80
Pre-ink Stamps Template C2 C2 21mm $85
Pre-ink Stamps Template C3 C3 33mm $90
Pre-ink Stamps Template C4 C4 38mm $102
Pre-ink Stamps Template OV OV 31 x 43mm $102
Pre-ink Stamps Template Lacework Chop Lacework Chop 24 x 53mm $102
Pre-ink Stamps Template Cheque Chop Cheque Chop 23 x 58mm $102
Pre-ink Stamps Template Address Chop Address Chop 22 x 60mm $102
Pre-ink Stamps Template Goods Receipt Chop Goods Receipt Chop 38 x 51mm $102
Pre-ink Stamps Template Signet Chop N1 Signet Chop N1 12 x 12mm $78
Pre-ink Stamps Template Signet Chop N2 Signet Chop N2 15 x 15mm $85
Pre-ink Stamps Template Signet Chop N3 Signet Chop N3 22 x 22mm $90
Pre-ink Stamps Template Dim Sum Chop Dim Sum Chop 8mm $30

  • Lead Time
Red, Purple Blue Colour Pre-ink stamps
1 working day
* Collecting from branches +1 working day
Black, Green Colour Pre-ink stamps
3 working days
* Collecting from branches +1 working day
(Except for items with finishing, start from the date when customers confirm the proof)
  • Note for Pre-ink Stamp
*  Please indicate the font size, type and format when ordering.
*  All pre-ink stamps are in standard format, artwork fee is included if customer provides the content.
*  For special design of stamp, customers are required to provide draft work.
*  Lines of pre-ink stamp is generally made with colour density (Graphic and Netting twine cannot be used).
*  All our Pre-ink stamp products are made with Serif wordings, other styles such as flat surface wordings are
    not available at this time.
*  Cut-Off Time: Mon-Fri 6:00 p.m.; Sat 12:00 p.m.; Orders after time limit will be preceded a working day afterward.