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Die Cut

Product Information

Die cut is a common finishing items in the printing industry that allows printing product to have shapes beyond the typical square or rectangular forms. Die cut involves using a cutting die to create unique shapes. Whether it's animals, polygons, other types of products, or any distinctive shape, die cutt adds creativity and enhances the design effect of printing.

e-print offer traditional die cutting methods to achieve the shape you desire. We also provide free Die cutting mold free, allowing you to create your desired products at a more affordable price. Simply provide a vector graphic of the cutting die on the artwork, and we can produce a one-of-a-kind design for you.

Price List

Items Price Remarks
Die cutting Mold Fee Unable   
Product Price Remarks
Offset & Digital Printing  $600 /1,000 pcs +250 / 1,000pcs, after first 1,000pcs

Note for Die Cut

1. Please provide a layer for Die Cut in your artwork.
2. Please do not add blend or other special effect in the Die Cut layer.
3. For texts or Logos to be Die Cut, please highlight and do not leave blank.
4. Die cutting mold will not be returned to customers.
5. Artwork of Die Cut should be in 100% solid colour, tints are not accepted for production uses.

Lead Time

+2 working days
* Collecting from branches +1 working day