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Premium Business Card with different paper qualities, including transparent, metallic, and PVC plastic cards.
Bamboo cotton card and German Leni Pattern card are both cardstock materials that offer texture and thickness.
The black card is more uniform than the pure printed black color, and the foil stamping on the card is more visible.
PVC plastic card with colorful reflective effect.

Premium Business Card

Premium Business Cards offer a variety of paper options, providing different textures and materials for card designs. This include transparent, metallic, and PVC plastic cards. By utilizing different textured materials, your designs can be more stylish and distinctive. Premium Business Cards are made from high-quality materials that easily highlight and elevate the company's image, creating a more upscale impression.

Product Information

e-print Premium Business Card are available in different materials, including high quality paper, PVC and transparent cards. Different materials are available to meet the needs of different companies and to meet your special needs.

Premium Business Card are available in different processes. These are suitable for a variety of needs, such as add logos, contact information, images, and etc. This makes type of card personalized and useful for a variety of occasions.

Lead Time:At least 7 working days

Price List

Type Name   Size 200 500 1,000
M01 PVC Pearl Card M01 85 x 54 mm $170 $250 $340
M03 PVC Transparent Card (Single- sided) M03 85 x 54 mm $140 $190 $270
M11 PVC Ambilight Card M11 90 x 51 mm $190 $350 $590
M12 PVC Platinum Card M12 88.5 x 50 mm $190 $350 $590
M16 PVC Matte Card M16 88.5 x 50 mm $170 $270 $380
Z01 Italian EVO Card Z01 90 x 54 mm $170 $250 $340
Z03 Bamboo Cotton Card Z03 90 x 54 mm $140 $220 $290
Z05 German Leni Pattern Card Z05 90 x 54 mm $140 $230 $310
Z06 Cotton Card (Gravure) Z06 90 x 54 mm $270 $540 $910
Z07 Icy White Card Z07 90 x 54 mm $140 $210 $270
Z09 Lange Card Z09 90 x 54 mm $170 $250 $340
Z10 Smoothy White Card Z10 90 x 54 mm $120 $220 $290
T01 Blacky Card with Foil Stamp T01 90 x 54 mm $200 $380 $670

Finishing Items Price ( Only for Premium Business Card)

Finishing Items 200pcs 500pcs 1000pcs
Finishing Items $20 $45 $90
Die - cut $70 $170 $340
Single-sided UV $35 $85 $170
Single- sided Foil Stamping $45 $110 $220

Available processing

Foil Stamping
Foil Stamping
Round Cornering
Round Cornering

Available paper

Note for Premium Business Card

1. The round corner cost of M01 to M16 card style has been including in above price list
2. The card size of M12 to M16 card is 88.5 x 50mm,M11 's size is 90 x 51mm, M01 and M03 's size is 85 x 54mm, another card style's size is 90 x 54mm
3. The pictures on website are for reference only, please refer the colour and effect to the paper sample
4. Different kind of fancy cards present different printing effect and colour base on the texture or grain of the paper, please read the characteristics and find reference of the paper sample for details.
5. The printed color is affected on the paper nature with deep color or grain. Portrait and image printing are not recommended on these kinds of paper.

Lead Time

8 working days
Collecting from branches +1 working day
Cut-Off Time: 5:00 p.m.; Orders after time limit will be preceded a working day afterward