e-print provides Certificate Printing Service, we provide over 20 kinds of card options and different kinds of templates to help you for the certificate design.


Digital Printing Services

e-print Certificate printing service, single-sided color printing with max. 2 variable data
A4 size customized certificate , made of gorgeous Color Art Paper, luxurious and glossy .
certificates printing with variable data printing (VDP) that changes certain elements, as personal names and numbers.
certificate printed with personal names and numbers,used for a school, professional organization, educational or achievement


Application: Certificate of Award | Course Certificate | Certificate of Appreciation | Group Certification | Graduation Certificate

Product Information

e-print digital certificate printing provides up to 20 kinds of card options. We provide single-sided color printing with max. 2 variable data (for example, different names, numbers, etc.); we can also assist with the layout!

Lead Time:At least 3 working days

Price List

QTY. Total Price Unit Price
10 pcs. $218 $21.80
20 pcs. $318 $15.90
30 pcs. $468 $15.60
40 pcs. $578 $14.50
50 pcs. $638 $12.80
60 pcs. $708 $11.80
70 pcs. $778 $11.10
80 pcs. $848 $10.60
90 pcs. $918 $10.20
100 pcs. $978 $9.80

Certificate Materials

Model Name Weight Texture / Effect Color
White Woodfree
CT-19 The Digital 260g Smooth White
Fancy Greeting Card Brighter than traditional printed woodfree card.
Suit for colour mania!
Applicable to all design
CT-49 White Card news 400g Smooth White
Color Art Paper
CT-43 Gorgeous Pink news 210g Bright Bright Pink
CT-44 Gorgeous Light Pink news 308g Bright-light Bright-light Pink
CT-42 Gorgeous Yellow news 308g Bright Bright Yellow
Pearl / Sparkling / Linen
CT-37 Eco Linen - Whitestone news out of stock 216g Recycled fiber with Linen Off-White
CT-38 Linen – Rose Red news 216g Rose Red Linen Rose Red
CT-41 Sparkling Gold news out of stock 250g Flashing Flashing Gold
CT-06 Aurora Pearl 250g Pearl Aurora Pearl
CT-07 Snow Pearl 250g Pearl Silver Pearl
CT-39 Neenah Classic Linen Pearl newsout of stock 227g Linen Pearl Champagne Gold
CT-40 Neenah Classic Linen Pearlout of stock news 311g Linen Pearl Silver Pearl
CT-46 Ice White Paper news 320g Pearl White
Mingle / Checker
CT-23 Mingle – Off-White 192g Gyrosigma Off-White
CT-24 Mingle -Beige out of stock 192g Gyrosigma Beige
CT-25 Mingle -White out of stock 192g Gyrosigma White
CT-53 Oxford Cloth Texture  news 300g Textured Oxford Cloth White
CT-54 Reticulate Texture  news 350g Textured Reticulate White
Textured Paper
CT-26 Japanese Paper - Off-White 198g Irregular Pattern Off-White
CT-27 Japanese Paper - Beige 198g Irregular Pattern Beige
CT-28 Earth Tone - Beige 209g Rough Short Paper Beige
CT-29 Earth Tone – Off-White 209g Rough Short Paper Off-White
CT-30 Earth Tone – Pale Brown 209g Rough Short Paper Pale Brown
Eco / Starry
CT-22 Exquisite out of stock 216g Exquisite Gray
CT-31 Starry - White 209g Silver Spots White
CT-32 Starry – Off-White 209g Silver Spots Off-White
CT-55 Fiber texture paper  news 320g Textured Unique Fiber Cream
CT-36 Stripe Textured 216g Textured Stripe White
CT-45 Refined Pattern out of stock 200g Irregular Pattern White
CT-48 Interesting Grained Paper news 350g Textured Stripe White
CT-50 Smooth Spot Pattern news 260g Irregular Pattern White
CT-51 Stone Texture  news 300g Textured Stone White
CT-52 Water Texture  news 300g Textured Stripe White

Certificate Enquiry Form (3 or above variable data)

Contact Method
Whatsapp: 9148 6812
Email : vdata@e-print.com.hk


The size of the certificate is within A4 and same price for the above certificate materials
The price is include max. 2 variable data (for example, different names, numbers, etc.); if there are 3 or above variable data, please submit the certificate enquiry form
The price include printing layout (for example, customers could provide the design file and variable data details, and we will help you for the rest)
Only email proof for certificate product
The weight and quantity of the cards above may occur a variance of ±5%
 The back side of the following cards is much smooth, please specific the front/back side of artwork when order: CT-31, CT32 Starry (White and Off-White)
CT-36 Stripe Textured horizontally, thus, customers could not specify the printing orientation.
Under no circumstance be accepted of refund or reimbursement, in terms of the above noted issues.

Lead Time

3 working days
(Except for items with finishing, start from the date when customers confirm the proof)

Tips in Production

The picture on website are for reference only, please refer the colour and effect to the paper sample.
Different kind of the cards present different printing effect and colour based on the texture or grain of the paper, please read the characteristics and find reference of the paper sample for details.
The printed color is affected on the paper nature with deep color or grain. Portrait and image printing are not recommended on these kind of papers.
It is suggested that the fonts size not be less than 5 Pt., lines not be thinner than 0.3 Pt.
For more details of artwork, please refer to the note of “Artwork Specifications”. Applicable Finishing Items: Foil Stamping 


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