Standard PDF artwork


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Standard PDF artwork

Standard PDF artwork setting

Trimmed Size
Cutting area, the red line will be cropped.
Bleeding Area
Please allow a minimum of 3mm bleeding and crop line.
Safety Area
Text and important information should position within 3 mm from the Trim Line.


Specifications of artwork
1. CMYK colouring should not be under 5%.
2. Artwork resolution should be at least 300 dpi.
3. Please allow a minimum of 3mm bleeding and crop line.
4. Text and important information should position within 3 mm from the Trim Line
5. All texts must be outlined.
6. The size and the single/doubled side of the file must be correct. If it is double-sided, it needs to be divided into 2 pages, and the size of each page must be consistent with the ordering size. If there are multiple number of design, separate pages for each design. If there is post-processing, a new page should be created separately.
Example 1: Order 2 designs of double-sided 90X54mm cards. The file should have 4 pages in total, and each page should be 90X54mm in size.
Example 2: 1 type of double-sided 90X54mm card (with processing), the file should have 3 pages (Page 1 is the front of the card, page 2 is the back of the card, and page 3 is the processing location of the card ), each page size is 90X54mm
Advantages of standard artwork
1. The artwork vetting can be on schedule for accelerating progress
2. Reduce error rate to get quality output
3. correct rule of artwork
4. Standardized print process to avoid damage
1. Flexible
PDF format solve problems of incompatibility fonts substitution between different programs (No need to outline). PDF contains all fonts, images, colour and data, you don't need to worry about missing fonts and images in the artwork anymore!

2. Efficient
File size will be smaller than the original one after converting to PDF format, faster file transfer can now be accomplished (e.g. File size of A1 poster is about 10 MB).

3. Reliable
Contents of document is consistent with the print out, thus, reduce the risk of file damage in conversion using other design software.

4. Save
It won't be easy to change or modify on PDF format, it's save to use.

5. Integrate
The appearance of PDF file has no difference with the original document, it retains the original format, colours, fonts and image. It's convenient for you to check the proof before printing.

6. Common
Most softwares can be converted to PDF format, such as office softwares or design softwares. PDF is the current mainstream file format in printing. (all RIP support interpretation)