e-print postcards printing, provide variety of sizes and different grams of Art Board, customers can choose from our finishing items to present a differentiation advertisement.


Digital Printing Services

The two leaflets are made of gloss art paper(Glossy paper) which makes the colors of an image more vibrant.
Hong Kong Custom marking Leaflets, the popular way for local and small businesses to market their brand or product.
An educational center promotional flyer on glossy paper has a smooth surface and utilizes all the space
leaflets can includes information about the product or business you are advertising, company logo, images, contact

Leaflet Express Service

e-print brings you the brand new experience for Digital Printing Services for printing flyers, colour menu and booklets, specially for your need in less quantity, but more kinds. With our expertise class digital printing machinary, we let you enjoy high colour quality in fast pace.

Product Information

Key features:
Multiple paper weight options
Lead Time:1 working day


Price list

  4C+0 4C+4C
5 pcs $75 $113
10 pcs $105 $135
20 pcs $195 $240
30 pcs $255 $315
40 pcs $270 $360
50 pcs $285 $375
60 pcs $345 $405
70 pcs $390 $465
80 pcs $435 $510
90 pcs $480 $555
100 pcs $525 $600
200 pcs $600 $750
  4C+0 4C+4C
5 pcs $45 $60
10 pcs $90 $105
20 pcs $150 $195
30 pcs $180 $270
40 pcs $195 $300
50 pcs $195 $300
60 pcs $240 $330
70 pcs $270 $360
80 pcs $270 $390
90 pcs $285 $420
100 pcs $285 $420
200 pcs $375 $435
  4C+0 4C+4C
5 pcs 10 pcs or above
10 pcs $38 $53
20 pcs $45 $68
30 pcs $53 $83
40 pcs $60 $98
50 pcs $60 $98
60 pcs $68 $113
70 pcs $75 $128
80 pcs $83 $143
90 pcs $83 $158
100 pcs $90 $173
200 pcs $143 $263
300 pcs $263 $503
400 pcs $323 $615
Service Charge :
Additional 50% charge on product
This price list includes additional fees, which do not need to calculate
* Minimum Charge $200 (incuding additional charge)

Available paper

Gloss Art Paper
Gloss Art Paper
( 128g / 157g)
Woodfree Paper
Woodfree Paper
( 80g / 100g / 120g / 140g )
Matt Art Paper
Matt Art Paper
( 128g / 157g)

Note for Leaflet Express Service

1. Prices above can be applied to the following paper materials, which are 80g Woodfree Paper,100g Woodfree Paper,120g Woodfree Paper, 140g Woodfree Paper, 128g Gloss Art Paper, 157g Gloss Art Paper, 128g Matt Art Paper, 157g Matt Art Paper.
2. Font size and breadth of wordings from digital printing are thicker than wordings from offset printing.
3. Printing quality of Digital printing can meet the standard of offset printing in most circumstances, for detail of the differences, please contact us for enquiry.
4. For using White Paperboard and Woodfree Paper, color in digital printing is generally sharper than the color in offset printing.
5. The required instruction of preparing an artwork for digital printing is the same as offset printing, please feel free to contact e-print for any enquiries
6. If you need Printing Express Service right now, please contact our Customer Service for ordering

Lead Time

Order Time : 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Lead Time : 3 hours (Start from the date when customer confirm the proofi)
Pick up area : Only Kwun Tong Shop or Kwun Tong Industrial
Quantity : 500pcs or below(Fancy Greeting Card, Digital Business Card / Fancy Card), 400pcs or Below(A5 Digital Leaflets), 300pcs or Below(Digital Postcards, A3, A4 Digital Leaflets)
Finishing Items : Not applicable


We do not recommend lamination the leaflets under 157g paper.
The general packaging method is ring-mounted flat sheet packaging. Please request if you have specific packaging method when placing an order.
Yes, most of the e-print products can be printed in spot colors, for details and quotation, please contact our customer services team.
Yes, you can make a triangle shaped paper flag at e-print, please provide a die-cut file for further quotation.
Yes, you can print paper box at e-print, please provide file details for further quotation.
e-print provides A2, A1 & A0 size poster, the minimun order quantity is 5pcs.
In addition to online paper previews, we offer physical paper samples. You are welcome to visit our branch and request them.

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Digital Business Card / Fancy Card Express Service

Size: 90 x 54mm
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Fancy Greeting Card Express Service

Max Size: 297 x 420 mm
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Digital Leaflets

Digital Leaflets

A5 / A4 /A3 / Custom sizes
1 working day A5 | $60 /100pcs Less MOQ lead time: 1 working day
Postcard Express Service

Postcard Express Service

A5 / A4 / A3 / Custom sizes
A5 | $110 /50pcs Minimum order quantity : 5pcs A perfect tool for communicating both for business or personal use


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