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Mask Storage Keeper

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  • Mask Storage Keeper (Pocket Style)
We provide mask storage keeper printing service. The mask storage keeper made by PP material, light weight and waterproof. Thus, it can be re-used after cleaning.
  • Price List
Qty. Mask Storage Keeper (Pocket Style)
500 pcs $3,880
1,000 pcs $4,680
2,000 pcs $6,270
3,000 pcs $7,870
5,000 pcs $11,230
10,000 pcs $19,780
20,000 pcs $37,020

  • Criteria
Finished Size : 107(H)x97(W)mm
Materials : 0.20mm PP
Printing Colour:4C + white
Printing Method:Offset printing
  • Lead Time
500 - 3,000pcs 10 working days
5,000 - 10,000pcs 11 working days
20,000pcs 13 working days
* Collecting from branches + 1 working day (start from the date when customers confirm the proof)
  • Remarks
Prices above are subjected to standard size and model merely, also the packaging with plastic bag services.
Mask is not include in the Mask Storage Keeper
Regarding the standard die-cutters of the mask storage keeper , please go to our website and download from "Download Center".