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Customer-oriented, eprint receives GS1「Consumer Caring」2016-18 Award

Click: 2256 Announce Date: 2019-04-10

eprint has always adhered to “customer-oriented” purpose, intimate to fulfill customers’ needs and so she had already established a high quality confidence image to the customers. eprint received GS1 Consumer Caring LOGO. It recognized the Group's long-term good service to the customers.
The Consumer Caring Scheme is to recognize local enterprises which demonstrate excellence in consumer care through effective use of technology and practice of consumer value-related strategies with ultimate goal to lift industry's overall capabilities in delivering consumer product and service. All applications will be judged against the following criteria: Keeping Promises, Caring for Consumers, Being Sincere, Ensuring Product Quality and Safety, Focusing on Service Quality, Listening to Consumers and Caring for Employees.

eprint received GS1「Consumer Caring」Award from GS1